Belize Horseback Riding Vacation

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Your Belize Horseback Riding Vacation at Banana Bank is the Unique Adventure Experience you've been looking for!

Home to the finest horseback riding in Belize, If you've ridden over mountains, prairies and parklands we know your expectations are high. Can the tropics show you anything you haven't already seen?

You awaken to the shimmering ethereal glow of dawn materializing through the tropical haze. Horses are roaming freely and grazing in green pastures surrounded by palms. The day is young and a sudden rush of excitement fills the air. It's time to ride! Banana Bank is big, beautiful and boisterous. Miles of jungle and riverside trails are awaiting you. The well kept horses, quiet river, lush pastures, teak plantation, gentle breeze, jungles with ancient trees laden with bromeliads, flocks of parrots, flaming sunsets, friendly guides, and exotic surroundings will speak peace into your soul.

Training –
We will offer our guests an opportunity to participate in a hands on experience of interacting with horses. All our horses are trained as per horse whispering methods  as presented by John Lyons and Pat Parelli, two of the most popular horse clinicians in the United States. Making it easy to do the right thing and difficult to do the wrong thing are the basis for horsemanship at Banana Bank. Key words are communication, trust and discipline.

Horses – 
About 90 head of well-kept, mixed breeds, predominately quarter horses. This combination provides sturdy but agile mounts necessary to negotiate river terrain and jungle trails. All horses are born and bred at Banana Bank making them all the more familiar with their surroundings and trusting of their environment. Banana Bank is home.

Equipment –
Western saddles with accessories to make the riding experience safe and comfortable. If you feel comfortable riding your own saddle, bring it with you. Helmets are available upon request but not mandatory.

Round Pen –
A four rail state of the art 60' diameter enclosure that not only gives the rider a circular confined space to hone riding skills but commits the horse to the will of the handler in a gentle but firm situation of control. We welcome guests to use the round pen with our horses.

Photo credit -
Satoru Murata took this photo one early morning at Banana Bank. Shortly after was the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011 in Japan. Inspired by the hope he saw in this incredible image he named the image DREAM: for Japan and offered a print of the photo in an auction and sent the proceeds to the victims.










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