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Have YOUR comments posted on our guest book too! Send us an e-mail at: Be sure to include your Name, Dates Visited, Comments, and EVEN attach your favorite pictures! Weíll try our very best to get as many comments as possible posted in the guest book.

Kind words from guests who have stayed with us:

banana bank belize
Bill Jaeger, Carolyn Carr, Claudia & Gernot- guests from Germany, John Carr

Iíve been meaning to email you for a long time to request an email version of the ďBird Sightings at Banana BankĒ list you sent out several months ago (I think it was in Nov.). I had such a wonderful time there last September and I really tried to share some of my experiences during The Parrot Festival Conference last month. Thank you all so much for donating another trip to our 3-day raffle last month.
Iíve had a number of people contact me since our conference to hear more about my trip and what kind of birds I saw. I would like to be able to send them your list and include it in my blog for the Houston Chronicle if that is OK. Now that our conference is over and I have a little more time Iím thinking about writing an article about my trip for one of the parrot magazine and may use some or all of your list there as well. In 2008 I made a trip to the Tambopata Research Ctr. in Peru to see Macaws and other birds, which was also a wonderful experience but one of the advantages I pointed out to people interested in your lodge; is that you donít have to fly to two cities then take a 7 Ĺ hr boat ride to get to Banana Bank which is a direct 2 hr flight from Houston. And you donít have to get up at 4am to hike through the jungle to be in position before the birds arrive at the clay licks. Instead, at Banana Bank, you can fix a cup of coffee and go out on the balcony and see 7 species of parrots not to mention all the other kinds of birds around there. The great thing about Banana Bank is that there are really great birding opportunities even for people with some physical limitations
I look forwarding to hearing from you soon and getting that email version of the list of bird sightings around Banana Bank Lodge. Thank you again for your support of NPRPF which is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization and all proceeds go toward supporting our mission.

Diane Starnes
NPRPF Advisor Coordinator of Education & Community Outreach
Parrot Festival Jan. 2010

Dear team of Banana Bank Lodge,

We are finally back in Germany and were greeted by a frosty 14 °F and
loads of snow. A bigger contrast to the green tropical heat of Belize is
hard to imagine.

Claudia and I would like to thank you again for making our stay at
Banana Bank a truly remarkable and unforgettable one. Everybody treated
us as a friend and we enjoyed spending our time in your company. Banana
Bank has a lot to offer and we are glad we had the chance to get to know
the lodge and the people on it. Thank you. We took a lot of memories
with us from our stay and some we would like to share with you. Maybe
you like the pictures attached.

We wish you and your families a wonderful and peaceful christmas time
and a happy and fantastic new year. Hopefully 2010 will send loads of
guests your way and will be a prosperous and happy year for all of you.
If any of you ever happens to be in Germany, give us a call.

Best regards,
Gernot & Claudia
December 2009

The variety of trails and trail experiences. Very good guide. And, there were opportunities to do things other than ride -- see Mayan ruins, tubing, etc. Also loved eating family style and meeting other guest at the lodge (who were not riders, but were very interesting, and diverse) Our expectations were more than fulfilled. We were able to see things we hadn't thought we'd see, and participate in activities that were not on the "itinerary" (rounding up cattle, watching AI of cows!) The Carrs are fantastic hosts, and we had a real sense of Belize. This is a wonderful facility, with wonderful people, and very good trail rides.
I wouldn't book a riding vacation to anyplace I hadn't ridden before unless I was using Hidden Trails! You folks have excellent customer service, and I have great faith in the facilities/hosts you choose to contract with.
- Trip report from Hidden Trails customer August 2009>

This trip far exceeded my expectations. I especially liked the flexibility of riding or doing other activities. Having my own personal tour guide whether at the Belize Zoo or riding through the jungle was amazing. I got to pick out the things I wanted to do each day whether it was riding to a huge spring in the middle of the Belize river, going to a Mayan ruin, zip lining, or underground cave tubing. Leisa at the ranch would ask me each night what I wanted to do the following day and arrange it for me. SO much fun!
- Lisa Reynolds - April 2008

Well, we have returned to our everyday lives. Riding at your ranch was the highlight of our cruise!!

It was an absolute delight to get to visit with John before our ride, and Mrs. Carr after. The grounds are so beautiful ( as said many who have seen our photos), and the food fantastic. But the 2 hours ride on Black Mustang with Eddie was more fabulous than words can describe. Riding Black Mustang was even better than Red Mustang, if that is somehow possible!!! And I loved herding cattle and seeing the babies and ....

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all.

As always, we cannot wait for the next time we can visit and look forward to it. Someday I would love to be able to come and stay there.
- Todd and Debbie Korell - April 2008

Leisa, John and Carolyn......

Thank you so much for the newsletter. Moments ago I was outside talking with a neighbor and describing my recent trip to Belize and our stay at Banana Bank. Once inside, I turned on my computer and found the most enticing photos and video clips that made my heart yearn to be with all of you there on the bank. They capture the essence of the place with all of its lush tropical beauty and life.

Staying with all of you for the better part of our mission week was an honor and a blessing.

With hopes of returning again one day soon......

I send you love and best wishes.
- Catherine Bova.....and Stephanie - April 2008

John and all the Banana Bank Resort,

A huge thank you from Montana, I had the most wonderful time and can not say enough about the beauty, the kindness of the staff and the wonderful people of Belize. The beautiful crafts I brought back have been loved. I can't wait to come back with my family. My room was spectacular, the food was wonderful and having John share his knowledge with me of the history of the country and its people is wonderful. I have shared my experience with so many and passed on as much as possible to my students. I would recommend this adventure to any who want a place to breathe fresh air, soak in culture, and be amazed at the kindness and superior service of all that work with the Carr's at Banana Bank. Thanks Again I had a most wonderful Time.

- Sandie Green - February 2008

Just wanted to thank you for the good time I had while I was there at your lodge. We really enjoyed all the things you showed us, the lunch and the great company. Will never forget the little girl on the horse. Enjoyed all the things you showed us, your time and your knowledge. Will not say goodbye, because I plan on returning.

Thank You
- Bill White - January 2008

We're back in LA now and our vacation is over. I just felt inspired to write because my wife Ariel and I had the best time at Banana Bank Lodge. Your entire staff was so accommodating. Just to name a few I'd like to thank Isaiah, Eddie and especially Albert who was more than a guide but also a friend. Our entire stay in Belize was awesome but the highlight of our trip was without of doubt Banana Bank Lodge. From the food to the activities we were blown away and will never forget our stay there. Please tell Albert and Isaiah that Luc & Ariel say hello from Los Angeles and that we miss them already. Thank you so much for everything! We hope to come back soon.
- Luc Giddens - December 2007

Dear John and Carolyn,

I hope this note finds you both and your staff doing well. Attached is a list of bird sightings I had at your wonderful lodge last Fall. My wife, Connie, and I had such a great time there! We look forward to returning in a year or two! The care and time you both spent with your guests (not just during meals) was great. I really enjoyed my ride around the area with John seeing all of the farming operations and stable etc. We both hope to see you again soon!

- Steve Larson - November 2007

At the end of the day, Banana Bank spoiled us and made us feel practically like part of the family and I think that is a tough act to follow even if you are the Ritz - maybe even more so!
- Buffum family - March 2007

Banana Bank Horses

I was lucky to get the last seat on the tour to you on my cruise this January. The only comment I had on the ship was: You could have left me there! It was so beautiful, peaceful, quite, nice clean air! Extremely friendly staff and a great tasting meal! I absolutely loved the place and felt right at home! As I had not been on a horse for 30 years I admit to being a bit nervous when walking out to them but immediately realized the knowledge of the guides who put me on pregnant Anna. She was a great horse ! One day was not enough! I truly wish to come back and stay for a month or so. Thank you so much for one GREAT day and send my best wishes to Anna !!
- Katarina from Sweden - March 2007


Thank you so much for the wonderful stay we had with you all. All I heard on our drive back home and around the table last night was what a GREAT trip it had been. Everyone was so proud of how well Gigi rode thanks to your training and good horses. After repeated descriptions even I have pictures in my mind of how John must of looked singing "The Lonely Little Petunia". Bob came up to me last night just to thank me again for taking us all to Banana Bank. One of my goals is to leave this life not owing anybody anything. You all are making the goal very difficult!
- Wil Lala - January 2007


A truly majestic place to stay. March was a perfect time of year for us to visit. We were impressed with the meticulous grounds, stunning brightly coloured flowers and all the animals. Watching and listening to the birds was a bonus. Our accommodations were perfect. Our tour of the art gallery was both personal and very informative. The meals were so good. Your staff was so friendly and accommodating. Our only regret is that we could not have stayed longer. Before we arrived home, we both agreed that we would have to return next year to further our experiences in your lovely country.
- Mary and Elizabeth - Ottawa, Canada, March 2006

baby colt with mom curious young howlers at Riverview

riding to Tiger Creek belting out a country tune!


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